4 Tips To Maintain Clean SEWERS AND DRAINS

Part of owning a home is periodic cleaning. As cliché as it may sound, it is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

And one of the most important part of the house you should clean is the SEWER AND DRAIN. It is essential to do regular SEWER AND DRAIN CLEANING because unsanitary and blocked drains can damage your home and your family’s health.
To help you get started on your SEWER CLEANING, here are 4 tips and tricks to keep your drains squeaky clean.

1. Never throw food, grease, or waste down your sewers.

The best way to maintain the cleanliness of your sewer is by using your toilet, sinks, and bath properly. This simply means not throwing unnecessary objects down the drain such as napkins, food bits, metallic objects, paper towels, diapers, grease, etc. Doing so may cause blockages and flooding in your sewers which in turn can damage your property. So, to keep your sewers in tip top shape, never throw away your wastes in the drains. Dispose of them in proper waste disposals.

  1. Use plungers.

If you have a blocked drain, the best and the simplest way to deal with it is by using your plunger. Plungers are relatively easy to use. Simply cover the drain opening with your plunger and start pressing the handle continuously for 1 to 2 minutes. This will help remove the blockage from your drain.

Additional hack: You may put petroleum jelly on the rim of your plunger to keep it in place while you pump.

  1. Make use of homemade cleaning materials.

Homemade cleaning materials can also clean your drains in a jiffy. One of the most notable solutions is that of vinegar and baking soda mixture. Simply pour a cup down the drain then after 3 to 5 minutes, pour boiling water as well. Do this several times and any form of blockage can be easily removed.

Additional hack: Pour a cup of baking soda and white vinegar down your drain once a month to prevent any blockage build up.

  1. Make use of Chemical Cleaning

If plungers and homemade cleaning materials won’t work, try using chemical cleaning. Many chemical cleaning products for SEWER CLEANING are now available in the market, but no one can reach the perfect clean in your drain that you can reach trough our company SEWER AND DRAIN CLEANING service, our hounreds 5 star rewiews talks for us.

4. Hire professional SEWER PLUMBING.


Preventing blockages is still the key in maintaining the cleanliness of your drains. And you can only do this effectively by hiring professionals. That’s where we come in the picture – we can do monthly checks of your SEWER AND DRAIN system, give you advice how to clean them, and of course, fix all that needs fixing. This way, you can prevent serious damages from happening and limit any blockages. Better to spend money in prevention rather than damages as they are more costly.

It is also advised to give us a call in cases of sewer problems. Our trained professional will identify the problem faster and will be able to fix it immediately. Fixing serious drain problems yourself may result to more damage and higher cost repairs.

Ready to start your sewer cleaning? Take advantage of these cleaning and prevention tips we have prepared for you and your drains will remain unclogged and sanitary! Remember, it is important to maintain your sewer and drains regularly because by doing so, your home will remain as a healthy environment for you and your family. Start your cleaning spree now and get that squeaky-clean home you deserve!

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