City sewer lines

First of all you need to know as a resident of New York City that the city sewer and drain system is a hundred and fifty years old..

Since then, the population has grown much bigger. The drainage system here works the same way it has been doing and that is, it brings all the sewage from all over the city to the wastewater treatment plants. Over the course of the year, it runs seamlessly. But when it rains around eighth of an inch per hour, it starts to get ugly

Rivers Get Polluted:

When it rains at such a rate, the drainage easily bypasses these water treatment plants. Therefore, the contaminated water, sewage and drain, falls directly into waterways before it reaches to the river. Ultimately, it reaches the river. Due to this, Bronx River has been reported to smell for more than a day after such an event. Reportedly, tens of billions of gallon sewage is drained into Bronx River, East river, Hudson River and Harlem River every year. New York faced such a drainage overflow a few years back for almost hundred days.

Lives are at stake when water is polluted:

Think of all the contaminations in the water in such cases. Of course one wants to throw up just thinking about it. It is possible that the tap water we use in our daily life is not healthy at all. Even if you start drinking bottled mineral water, the problems don’t get solved. You use tap water for a lot of purposes like bathing, dishing etc. All that is to say that we need drastic measures to prevent this. We cannot rely on city management to come to our doorstep and clean out plumbing. As a responsible citizen, it is our duty that we get our sewer pipe cleaning regularly.

Water in the streets and shores:

Such an event when drainage bypasses the water treatment plants, the problem does not stop within the pipes. Drainage water overflows and runs through the streets. At shores, where residents have very close encounter with the river, and they may swim, sail and do fishing there, this situation dangerous more than it is disgusting. People eat fish from rivers. To prevent this, all the authorities can do is to spread awareness. We are not saying that it is useless, but surely it is not enough. Outside sewer line cleanout is very important.

Make it all better:

As American citizens, we feel left behind because New York is probably the only city with such an outdated system. It is our right to feel safe regarding water issues like other American citizens. When we use tap water, we need to be sure enough that we are not providing harm to our bodies. We need to be protected so that we can swim, boat and fish freely in the rivers. But sadly, the city management doesn’t leave us hopeful with its continuous failures.


We are Americans and we never give up even if we have to start from zero. Probably, that is what we have to do. To make our city sewer lines clean and to get rid of drainage problems, we have to start form house to house, and ultimately the whole city.

Our company feels honored to provide all the drainage related services in every area of New York. We can solve all your problems and get you an assured healthy environment. All you have to do is to give us a call and regardless of any area you live in, we will be at your doorstep shortly.

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