All you Need To Know About Sewer Backup And How To Prevent It!

Most of us are fortunate enough to own houses but sadly, we don’t know how to maintain them. One of the major issues regarding a house is its drainage system. It is probably the most neglected one too. Due to our ignorance we don’t clean out plumbing and sewer pipes get defected for many reasons like cracks. Ultimately it reaches to sewer backup. It is the situation when a damage in drain pipes prevents wastewater from reaching to the city’s main sewer lines. For this reason, houseowners face problems like basement floor drain backing up. Sewer backup can happen due to following reasons.

Reasons of Sewer backup:

  • Old sewage system: First and foremost, a regular checkup is necessary. And basically, drainage would not backup if it is checked regularly. Because we don’t do that, our sewer pipes get old. According to a survey, more than five hundred thousand miles of sewer lines are at least thirty years old. And what is more alarming is that new houses are connected at daily basis with this old drainage system. The drainage system in New York is more than a hundred years old.
  • Jumble of pipes: in such big cities like New York, sewage water pours into streets and basements during rainy days due to the combined pipe systems.
  • Blockage in main sewage system: usually, when there is blockage in the main sewage system of the city, it does not get detected. Ultimately, the water flows through basements and floors. To prevent such things to happen, call us whenever you see seepage at the floor drain.

How to get rid of it?

The first step to prevent drain clogging is to dispose of the stuff that can block the pipes, properly into the trash. These things can not only cause a problem for you, but also can block the city’s main sewer system. Furthermore, plant roots can crack their way into the sewage pipes and cause trouble. Therefore it is necessary to cut the tree roots frequently. Also, to prevent it from happening, it is preferable if plastic pipes are used for the drainage system. Also, after cooking, oil should also be disposed off properly instead of pouring it into the sink. Otherwise it cools off on the walls of pips and causes blockage.

We can provide with a long list of does and don’ts, but the most basic need for such issues is to get a suitable and professional plumber.

Get a suitable plumber:

We often call for plumbers just to fix small issues like leakage or water supply. But to clean out plumbing and sewer pipe cleaning is an issue which is beyond the reach of one plumber. For this purpose, you need to contact a legal and professional sewer and drain cleaning company near you like us. Such companies are a bit hard to find because you cannot afford to hire such a service again and again. You have to hire the best one. If you are a New York resident and you are wondering “how do I get the best sewer and drain cleaning company near me?” then we have the best option for you.

We seek costumer’s satisfaction:

Our company provides the client with the best possible services regarding drainage problems. We create long-term solutions rather than preventing the issue for a short time. Our services extend from sewer cleaning, sewer plumbing, basement backup cleanout to outside sewer line cleanout. We provide our services throughout New York City. We have the best solutions for sewer backup and basement floor drain backup in the gigantic city of New York, we are just one call away to solve all your drainage related problems.

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