Who is responsible for sewer pipe cleaning?

One of the most common questions New York homeowners have to ask themselves at least once in their life is ‘’who is responsible for sewer lines?’’.

In most cases, these repairs, and sewer cleaning will fall onto you. Not only is it nightmarish to deal with that, but it can be quite pricey, if you don’t call us in time. Before experiencing any issues with your sewage pipes and jumping to conclusions, there are several things you should know.


When is the city responsible for sewer lines?

The city is accountable for sewer lines that start at the main underground sewer pipe. This means that everything on the homeowner’s property is the homeowner’s responsibility, including the sewer pipes. The main sewer that the city is responsible for sits beyond the borders of the homeowner’s property, so in most cases, in your municipality and your property, you will be accountable for the pipe cleaning.


 Knowing the difference between Upper and Lower Laterals

The upper lateral is the part of the sewage system that runs from the home of the property line, which in most cases is the sidewalk. On the other hand, the lower lateral is the part that runs from your property line to the main sewer line. Even though the lower lateral is often not on your property directly, you could still be responsible for sewer pipes and drain cleaning in that area.

Sewer insurance

Before you do anything, make sure you check your insurance coverage to see how your insurer can help you. You should discuss what type of damage will be covered by the insurance and prepare for the damages that will likely not be cover by any warranties, that’s why you should give us a call to check the sewage and inspect the state of it.  It’s best to have all pipes checked out, and with our equipment, we specialize in exactly that.

Pipeline inspections

First and foremost, pipeline inspections are necessary if you don’t want to be open to problems that require a huge bill just because you did not have a regular checkup. The most common pipe inspection is done by inserting a video camera into the sewer system, so as the camera moves through, it sends images and video back to our plumber who is operating it. This way, a plumber can see if there are any issues without having to dig up the pipes. Not to mention that these inspections can save you thousands if done on time, so at least once a year you should schedule an inspection with our professionals.

What sewer cleaning means for a homeowner?

Remember that you’re the one who’s going to be paying for the drain problems and cleaning, even if they occur in the street sewer line. This can be expensive, especially if it requires digging up the pipes which can happen if you don’t take care of your sewer line and don’t have regular inspections. You can schedule an inspection with a certified plumbing service like ours. It’s better to catch any problems early than to cost you thousands when the problem in the sewers develops on a greater instance.


Where to find answers about who is responsible for sewer cleaning

If you ever suspect there is a problem with your sewage pipes, the first thing you should do is contact our sewage department to find out where exactly the problem lies and who is responsible for it. As most likely, the accountable for repairs and cleaning is going to be the homeowner, so make sure you reach out to us on time so our professionals prepare for the job to be done thoroughly and well. Remember to consult the local sewage department and our plumbers of choice before making any decisions on what to do.

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